July 30, 2017



Dunai Dance Ensemble is comprised of many levels of dancers, from the youngest beginners to the seasoned senior dance group.



Our beginner group has our youngest dances. These kids, ages 4 – 6, start their first year or two in Dunai at this level. Here they learn the beginning of dancing, from beats and rhythm to counting melodies. On top of that they learn basic Ukrainian dance technique of fundamental steps.


The next level up are the junior dancers. After learning the basics and getting an understanding of the main Ukrainian dance steps, students in this level learn step combination, more advanced steps and choreography.


Our intermediate dancers range in age from 9 – 13. In this group, dancers learn advanced Ukrainian dance steps and detailed choreography. As these students are being prepared for the senior level of dancing, there is a focus on technique and performance.



Our highest level of dance is the senior Dunai dance group. This group is comprised of high school and university aged dancers. With rigorous practises, this group learns multiple dance numbers and the most complex dance steps and combinations.